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You And I Have Something In Common

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You and I have something in common…

…we’re both products of our environment.

We all are.

As much as I’m sure you’re as proud of your ancestry, as I am mine, you can bet your bottom dollar it is, in many ways, significantly limiting you.

We are all products of our environment. We are all products of somebody else’s habitual way of thinking. And, for the vast majority of time, we’re not even aware of it.

We carry baggage. In some it’s heavier than others. We all carry the unconscious programming of our past. From day one the authority figures in our lives fed us their truths, ignorant to the consequences.

You and I were taught what to think not how to.

And that’s why thinking doesn’t come easy.

The only people who believe thinking is easy are those who don’t engage in it. There are 2 reasons why people don’t see the need to engage in activities that improve how they think;

  1. Firstly, they’re ignorant to the cause and effect relationship between the quality of their thinking and their results. If you want to assess the quality of a person’s thinking, take a look at their results. By their fruits you shall know them.
  2. Secondly, people don’t see the need to improve how they think because they believe they think already. They confuse mental activity with thought. They are not the same thing.

Henry Ford saw the problem. He was famous for driving (excuse the pun) his employees to think. When his engineering team, charged with creating the first 4-cylinder engine, kept reported back to him saying it “wasn’t” possible and they “couldn’t” make it, he sent them away, every time, telling them to come back when it was and they had.

He later observed; “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it”.

The truth is, average, underachieving people do all they can to avoid thinking, not because they’re not capable of it, but because it’s alien to them. They’ve not been programmed to do it.

You haven’t either.

Understand this; improving how you think won’t happen on its own. It isn’t automatic.

If you want more success in your life, if you want more profit, more income, more wealth, more freedom, with less hassle, less headaches and less stress, you have to become a better thinker.

Full stop.

The end.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because some things warrant saying a million times over: your business, and your quality of life, cannot outgrow the quality of thinking you bring to them.

Profits come from ideas. Ideas are generated by thinking. The better the thinking, the better the idea generated. Profitable ideas rarely come to people who don’t improve how they think. They come in droves to those who do.

Improving how you think is the most important activity of your life. It determines everything. And that’s why investing time, money and energy in improving how you think is the greatest investment you’ll ever make, not just as an entrepreneur, but as a human being.

Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. For COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies, click here

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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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