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Who Are You Listening To?

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Do you listen to highly successful people?

I mean, really listen.

The reason I ask is simple: everyone models someone.  Believe me, you’re modelling someone, even if you think you’re not.

And you’re not alone.  Most people, and I do mean most, give little or no thought whatsoever to who they spend most of their time with OR the implications of it.

If you’re one of them and you genuinely want greater success in your business and personal life, I strongly suggest you start giving it a lot of thought now, because if you’re not intentional about this, I can promise you…

…this will suck the life out of your ability to enjoy significant financial, business and personal success like a cancer sucks the life out of living tissue.

You don’t have to take my advice BUT for God’s sake, take someone’s and not just anyone’s.  Make sure the person concerned has achieved significant success in their lives, so you know the quality of the advice you’re getting is of the ilk that’s going to add massive value to you.

Let me help you there straight away.  Let me take you straight to the top so you can benefit from the experience of two ordinary men who’ve enjoyed two extraordinary lives with extraordinary results by being intentional about the quality of their Inner Circle.

Firstly, Jim Rohn.  In a dead end job and going nowhere at 25, he was a self-made millionaire by the time he was 30.

His advice to you?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Then there’s my friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell.  Paid a humble pastor’s salary for many years, he’s now an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, the undisputed world authority on leadership and has made millions because of it.

Watch this brief video and hear what John has to say about the implications of YOUR Inner Circle on YOUR success (he’s got my kids with him too)

This is one of the most important understandings to grasp as a business owner.  You’ve got to understand, you’ll never make it alone.  I can assure you, you won’t, regardless of how good you are.

And you’ll never get past average if you’re surrounding yourself with average thinkers and achievers.

If you’re the best thinker in the room, or anywhere near it, it’s time to change rooms.  Fast.


Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. For COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies, click here

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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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