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What They Had Was Worth More To Me Than The Price They Demanded

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While out in China recently, I got a text from an old friend and entrepreneurial mentor of mine, Gyffard Yates.

“Hi mate, I’m in your area on 8th Nov…are you free for a cuppa? Gyff”. The 8th was a Wednesday and Wednesday’s aren’t the best time for social calls at Chez Simpson. Not that anytime is, to be honest. I like my seclusion.

Anyway, the reason Wednesday’s about as convenient as a hot poker up the “jacksie” (for my American friends, that’s your backside) is because from noon through to 6pm, I’m stacked, almost back-to-back, teaching, mentoring and coaching on teleseminars. I keep the morning as free as possible for 80/20 activity.

As it ‘appens, Gyff could make an AM meeting, so we agreed on 9.30am. It was about 10:15am when he finally rang the doorbell. He’d text me earlier to say the traffic was horrendous on his journey from Pembrokeshire – the weather, being early winter and clear skied, delivered plenty of mist  – and a lot of drivers in the UK just don’t know how to deal with conditions they get plenty of every year.

I digress.

Back to Gyff. He’s one of the best thinkers I know. He’s just got a great mind to draw from. I learn something new from him every time we speak…and we’ve not done enough of that in the last five years or so.

Gyff got me through my first couple of years as an entrepreneur. His informal teaching helped me understand business. His mentorship helped me draw from his experience – both good and bad – to avoid some of the common pitfalls new-to-entrepreneurial life people make. His coaching (Gyff’s a very skilled coach) challenged me when I was projecting my corporately conditioned thought-processes into my fledgling business.

And do you know what’s amazing about Gyff? For most of the time, he didn’t do it for the money – because most of the time he wouldn’t let me pay him his dues – he did it because he’s a great guy and a go-giver.

If you want to check him out – and I encourage you to – he’s the co-founder and co-director of a phenomenal business called Business Smart International. They provide powerful business simulations for large corporations and academic institutions all over the world.

A few years back, I facilitated a few corporate events using the business simulations – both for my clients and those of Business Smart – it’s a phenomenal proposition delivering an incredible learning experience. I’m working on bringing a bespoke entrepreneurial version to business owners to massively accelerate commercial acumen. It’s a much needed education. Watch this space.

Anyhow, just before the old bugger left, we shot a brief video and in it, I ask Gyff to share some entrepreneurial wisdom with you. You can watch it by clicking here.

There’s an important message in this story and it’s all about walking the talk.

You see, when I’m banging on about the importance of you having a coach and mentor in your life, I’m not doing it just to “sell” you. Yes, of course, I am selling to you and proud of it I am too –  but I’m not selling something to you that I don’t do myself.

I never do that. I’m a product of all of my products.

Gyffard’s just one of many mentors I’ve had. In fact, here’s the list of people who’ll be personally and directly mentoring me in 2018:

1: John C. Maxwell

2: Paul Martinelli

3: Dan Sullivan

4: Chad Doty

5: Russell Brunson

Now that’s taking some serious “wonga” out of my coffers. I’ve made it my business to invest serious wonga in mentors – some of whom aren’t on the list above – over the past six years. And that’s before I even start to talk about the money invested in Professional Coaches and Psychotherapy over the years (I’m excluding seminars and training programmes for now).

If you’re under the impression I can do this because I have a successful business – yes, that’s unquestionably true – but you’re putting the cart before the horse; I have a successful business today because I invested in mentors, not the other way around. Oh and for the record, I was willing to invest in mentors when I didn’t have the money – I went and found it, because I knew what my mentors had was worth more to me than the price they demanded.

That’s why I do it. You see, it doesn’t really take serious “wonga” out of my coffers if it puts more back in. Investing in carefully selected mentors brings me a magnificent return on investment. Every time. And if you understand the law of compounding – the same law that asserts itself in the financial world as compound interest – that return on investment gets bigger and better every year without fail.

For some reason, beyond my comprehension, very few business owners grasp this. It just doesn’t register, even though it’s one of the most evident and commonly known success strategies of high achievers in any field.

If you were to ask 100 business owners if they had a mentor, well over 90% would say no – and they’re completely oblivious to how it places them at a major disadvantage.

You don’t have the luxury of claiming such ignorance. Not when I’m constantly holding up a mirror to you.

Maybe you’re not as serious about enjoying much greater success in your life as you like to convince yourself you are. If that’s true of you, you’re not alone. It’s a common affliction.

The measure of how real our ambition isn’t found in what we convince ourselves of by the voice inside our head. The measure of our ambition isn’t found in the rhetoric we broadcast to the world. No, the true measure of our ambition is found in how much we act in accordance with the outcome we claim to desire in our lives.

Everything else is just “noise”.

Act as if you are, and you draw it to you. What you act as if you are, you become.


So if you want much greater success in your life, you need to act in accordance with that outcome, otherwise, mark my words, you can only, and will only, reproduce much of the same, regardless of how much blood, sweat and tears you put in. Life doesn’t roll any other way. It can’t.

David Schwartz wisely observed, “Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking”.

Bingo. There is it, right there.

If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots.

You will either step forward into growth, or you won’t. Either way, you can bet your bottom dollar, your results will follow suit.

Every time.

Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. For COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies, click here

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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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