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What Brings a Person to Stamp on the Spider?

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I’m no movie buff.

But for me – one of, if not the most important movies of all time (and you might be surprised at the choice) is “Avatar”.

The magnitude of its message is huge, which is why, at certain points in the dialogue, I stop the film to elaborate on the dialogue with my children.

Messages so easily missed.  Messages the multitude remain oblivious to.

The vast majority see “Avatar” as an escapist, sci-fi movie.

A smaller but not insignificant percentage see it as a movie giving an important environmental message.

And a relatively tiny percentage see the much, much deeper message it brings:

The implication of continued ignorance to our unity with all that is.

We see ourselves as separate entities.  We see the world as a collection of divided “parts”.

What brings a man to want to create prolonged suffering to an animal, before forcing the creature’s life force to transition from the physical world long before its time was due?

What brings a person to stamp on the spider, squat the fly, put the kitten in the bin liner and throw it in the river, or inflict beating after beating on the loyal, loving dog?

What brings a race to devastate the oxygenating engine of the planet it occupies to the tune of 150 acres a minute?

What brings us to be compelled to harm, maim, or kill each other?

What has us so numb and getting increasingly number?  What makes us so desensitised to not feel shock, distress or disturbance at the cruelty, violence, or suffering we inflict in our world?

The answer is ignorance.  Yet for all of these things and more we conjure up the most perverse justifications, fed by the most destructive, self-created, deleterious belief system of all.

The idea of separation.

We are unified in nature yet divided by nurture.

We’re programmed to see division rather than unification.  Our theologies of separation have created a sociology of separation and our sociology of separation has brought pathology.

You and I are described as “individuals”.

We are raised in a world as independent singularities.  We are programmed to see the separation.  Our sight confirms it.  The lens by which we see the world is a filter and the filter can only reinforce the belief sponsoring it.

We lack insight.


The inner eye of understanding is closed.

We are the sleepwalkers, or as the fictitious indigenous life forms in “Avatar” refer to us, the “dreamwalkers”.

The word “individual” originates in the Latin word “individualis”, meaning “indivisible, inseparable, at one with”.  There can be few greater ironies than how the word is interpreted today as meaning the very opposite.

To the ignorant this is, of course, nothing but philosophical nonsense.  “Woo” as the blind like to term it.

To those of a higher consciousness, those with certain in-sight, it simply speaks of a great truth revealed by quantum mechanics; that a field of subatomic energy exists from which all things arise and to which all things return.

The ever present life force.

The life force that is you.

The life force that is me.

The life force in all.

As biologist and journalist Carol Kaesuk Yoon of the New York Times wrote: “Avatar has recreated what is the heart of biology, the naked, heart-stopping wonder of really seeing the living world”.

The final word for this message should go to the prophetic words of the matriarchal character Mo’at when first encountering the “dreamwalker” Jakesully in the movie:

“Learn well and we will see if your insanity can be cured”.

Evidently, we still have much learning to do.

But as Mo’at also observed in the clip below;

“It is hard to fill a cup which is already full”


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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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