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We all have them… how painful is yours?

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You’ve experienced them before.

Like it or not, know it or not, you’re experiencing one right now.

I’m talking about a “pinch point”.

No entrepreneurial journey is without them.  The path for each of us is unique, but in every one, at every stage of growth, there’s a “pinch point”.

“Pinch points” are when something either isn’t working at all, or isn’t working to the level it should be.  The problem with “pinch points” is, just like a physical pinch, if it’s not acute enough to be causing a short, sharp pain – no one flinches  – there’s little or no movement away from the pain.

And movement is key.  “Pinch points” are like quicksand for a lot of business owners.

There’s one “pinch point” we’ve all faced from time to time, one that troubles most business owners – the “how do I get more customers?” question.

A question that should always be on the mind of an entrepreneur.

The answer is momentum.  Many do not take action on what they know to be the solution to their problem.  They don’t act on what they’ve been equipped and resourced to do.  And they’re looking for ways to avoid doing what they have to do in order to remove their “pinch point”.

“Pinch points” aren’t there to be avoided.  As annoying and frustrating as they are, as uncomfortable as they are to navigate, each and every one of them has a purpose – to get you, your thinking and your actions to where they need to be IF you’re to be the person who is capable of generating the outcome you desire.

The hurdles in a race aren’t there to make life difficult for you.  The hurdles are there to make you fitter, leaner and better so you navigate the next hurdle with ease.

“Pinch points” aren’t the problem – our perspective of them is.  In truth, “pinch points” are a blessing in disguise, we just don’t see them in a way that serves us.  Think about it.  Without the “pinch points” you’ve already overcome in your life, you wouldn’t be generating results at the level you are today and regardless of how successful you consider yourself to be, you’re successful in some things at some level…

…and you got that way because of “pinch points”.

So move.

What’s the activity you’ve been putting off or avoiding?

What’s the specific activity you need to take to get momentum in easing/overcoming your “pinch point”?

A stationary car can’t change direction but, with momentum, just a small incremental turn of the steering wheel, makes a massive difference.

To quote Ghandi at his most poignantly profound:  “Action expresses priorities”.

Make your “pinch points” a priority and success will come knocking sooner rather than later.


Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. For COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies, click here


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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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