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How Weird Are You?

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Define “weird”.

Google it and amongst other descriptions, it’s referenced as “uncanny”, “eerie”, “unnatural”, “unreal”, “strange”, “unusual” or “abnormal”.

I’m weird.

But then again, am I?

Sure, I think very differently to most people.  My life and the quality of it, is testament to that truth.  I make very different choices to most.  And in “traditional circles”, that unquestionably qualifies me to be “strange”, “unusual” and “abnormal”.

I’m very comfortable in my “weirdness”.

If not following the status quo and consistently questioning ideas I’ve been programmed to blindly accept without conscious evaluation makes me a “weirdo”, hands up, I’m guilty as charged.

But define “weird”.

What’s more “weird”, the desire for self-exploration, self-improvement and to grow and be more, or a complete lack of it?

What’s more “weird”, the questioning of conventional wisdom, societal programming and established beliefs, or the blind acceptance of what “is”?

What’s more “weird”, the drive to improve matters for Self, other people and the world at large, or the robotic following of the well-trodden path?

What’s more “weird”, to continue to indulge in habits you know detract from your life, or to eliminate them and indulge in those that enhance it?

What’s more “weird”, to take risks in the name of expansion and greater fulfillment, or the banality of perceived “safety”?

What’s more “weird”, to see yourself as just another “number”, as if you’re some kind of “chemical accident” filling up space with other “chemical accidents” on a blue planet revolving around a star, or to recognise yourself as a unique sentient being, with unique consciousness, gifted with the ability to create at your will, with a purpose to live into?

You see, as much as I’m very happy to live into the label of being “weird”, to me, it’s the hard-of-thinking masses who are weird.

To me, there’s nothing more “weird” than living into ideas you did not originate.  To me the epitomy of “crazy” is the blind acceptance of someone else’s “truth” – a “truth” you inherited before you had the ability to consciously evaluate the idea.

To me, “madness” is living life as millions of others live life just because you’re unwilling to think beyond it.

“Weird” can be a lonely path.  It can be tough being “weird” when you’re surrounded by the “normal”.  For as lonely as it can feel at times, the “weird” are never alone, it can just feel isolating at times.

But the “weird” are in the best of company.

If you suspect you’re “weird”, click here and read the wisdom of a true “weirdo”. I suspect they’ll inspire you to take your “weirdness” to new levels.

Enjoy your day, “weirdo”.


Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. For COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies, click here

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Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading coach and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below for FREE ACCESS to tried, tested and proven entrepreneurial success strategies...

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